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District Profile  |  Organizatio

The Government of Uttarkhand is committed to enhance the health status of / population with strong focus on improving health outcomes especially among women, children and vulnerable populations such as scheduled cast, Scheduled tribes.

NRHM is projected to operate as an omnibus broadband programme by integrating all vertical health programmes of the Department of Health and Family Welfare including RCH-II, NVBDCP, RNTCP, NBCP, NLEP, NPPCD and IDD etc. The Mission envisions effective integration of health concerns, with determinants of health like hygiene, sanitation, nutrition and safe drinking water through decentralized management at district level. In order to make NRHM fully accountable and responsive, the need for formulation of year wise District Health Action Plan (DHAP) has been recognized, the DHAP intends to provide a guideline to develop a viable public health delivery system through intensive monitoring and ensuring performance standards. It reflects the convergence of different aspects of health like potable water, sanitation, women and child development and school level education.
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As a preparatory exercise for the formulation of DHAP the first step towards the process of planning entailed identification of performance gaps with respect to key programme indicators by doing a situational analysis, of the existing health scenario from sub center to block level.

In order to bridge the identified gaps certain strategies and plans of action were laid down.


District Health & Family Welfare Society

Office of Chief Medical Officer Dehradun
105, Chander Nagar ,District Dehradun
Phone no.:
0135 - 2726256 Telfax : 0135 - 2724506

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