Quality Assurance Unit

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Quality is a concept of continuous improvement, striving for better service delivery without being pushed by external factors but through internal motivation. Quality assurance alludes to a planned and systematic approach to monitoring and improving the quality of health services on a continuous basis. The DQAC coordinate the activities to ensure availability of quality services at all the health facilities. These would include the guidelines for treatment (similar to WHO treatment guidelines), guidelines for performance management, with minimum standards of healthcare delivery, and client satisfaction monitoring. Regular field visits and inputs/feed backs to CHC/PHC/SCs will be ensured by the DQAC.

As for the interventions in district the Quality Assurance project in the Dehradun District on pilot basis has completed its tenure. This was implemented in collaboration with Engender Health and USAID. The activities, further to piloting will be continuing in District Dehradun during 2012-13. State quality assurance team will be providing technical inputs for these interventions. Budget provision for Dehradun district is Rs. 1.0 lakhs proposed in the year 2012-13. Two Quality Managers and executive assistant are appointed in District Hospital and Sub District Hospital SPS Rishikesh will continue provide their services in said hospitals.