PC & PNDT Awareness Campaign at District level

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Sex ratio in census 2011 shown quite alarming situation in district Dehradun which stands at 902 female against 1000 male, because of various reasons, one has been widely tipped as the main reason sloping the scale in unfavorable manner is the misuse of available diagnostic facilities and illegal abortions.

PC&PNDT Act prohibits sex determination tests and its enforcement is not very effective in many places. In the preceding two years efforts have been on to recognize all the diagnostics clinics having ultrasound facilities in the district. Violations were reported in few ultrasound centers against which severe actions were taken by the district authorities. Strict enforcement of the act involving all the enforcement agencies will be ensured.

Apart from the above initiative communication campaign at district level will be conducted to make service providers and general population aware of PC&PNDT Act.

Implementation of PC & PNDT Act in district Dehradun

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Registered Ultra Sound Centre in Dehradun

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Action against illegal/unregistered diagnostic facilities and clinics. For this sensitization of officials of enforcing agencies is proposed.

Organized awareness and sensitization two work shop for ultrasound center and law enforcement agencies in the district @ Rs 50,000/-per work shop.

Implementation of PNDT act will be reviewed and all necessary measures will be initiated for its strict enforcement.

BCC/IEC campaign will be conducted addressing both private and public health service providers.

Orientation workshop/Training will be organized for ASHA and AWW to aware community on PC&PNDT acts in each block.