Mother & Child Tracking System (MCTS)

Tracking of Pregnant mothers and children has been recognized as a priority area for providing effective healthcare services to this group. As a major initiative in this regard, the Mother and Child Tracking system (MCH) is name based pregnant mother and child tracking system. It is a management tool to reduce MMR/IMR/TFR and track the health service delivery at the individual level.

MCH is a generic system which aims to provide information of different health services received at the individual level, by monitoring all the encounters that an individual undergoes in his/her health program. This system aims to help the service provider (health worker or Doctor) by categorizing various health services the individual person has to get (with due date) and missed services. It also provides for effective monitoring of different health services drilling down to the individual patient information. The application is designed and developed by NIC, Gujarat.

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Objective :

To strengthen monitoring of mortality indicators (IMR and MMR) through
Name‐based tracking of

  • Pregnant women ‐ for ANCs, Delivery & PNCs

  • Children ‐ for immunization and nutrition

  • Adolescents- for RCH services

  • Eligible couples- for family planning

To facilitate

  • Closer monitoring of regular check‐ups of pregnant women and reduce maternal mortality.

  • Complete immunization of children

  • Nutrition of pregnant women and children

  • Adolescent friendly services

  • Family Planning Services


Coverage :

All rural families and slum and slum like families in urban areas.
UID to be given

  • All eligible Pregnant Women (15 to 49 years)

  • Children (0 to 6 years, for immunization)

  • Adolescents ( 10- 19 years)

Data to be captured :

  • Pregnant Women

  • Children

  • Adolescents

  • Family Planning

  • Nutritional Status

  • Mortality

  • Institutional Information (as per GOI Format)

  • Disease information

Major reports/workplan / activity :

  • Registered Mother in Ward/HP/SC/PHC/CHC/SDH/DH

  • Registered Child in Ward/HP/SC/PHC/CHC/SDH/DH

  • Work plan of ANC/Delivery/PNC/Infant Immunization / Child Immunization workplan by health provider ID

  • SMS alert - All beneficiaries having recorded mobile. numbers for services falling due.

  • SMS receive & sent count

  • District / Block / PHC mother & child count

Instructions of MCTS Tracking

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