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EmOC Training :
EmOC training will be provided to 2 LMO during the year 2012-13. After completion of she will be able to perform complicated delivery at CHC level. State will decide that where they will be trained also make provision of budget.

Skill Birth Attended (SBA) Training:
All functional delivery point expected to provide delivery services. The district societies will be responsible for coordinating the training programs for participants. The districts will be going to conduct training in 5 batches (4 participants each) during the year 201213. The training will be organised for 6 staff nurses and 16 ANMs in the district.

MTP/MVA Training:
MVA is the safest method for abortion till 12th week of pregnancy. In year 2012-13 MVA /MTP training has been planned for 2 Medical Officer of PHCs by experienced and qualified trainers with supporting 2 staff. They would also be sensitized towards ensuring the secrecy and confidentiality of the women undergoing MVA/MTP. This would ensure availability and greater acceptability of safe MTP services at the public institution.

The trained MOs would be provided MVA kits for MVA. The ANMs would be oriented to provide counselling advice regarding the appropriate time and safe methods of getting an MVA/MTP done. They would also inform the women about the location of the nearest available MVA/MTP clinic. This would reduce mortality due to unsafe and poorly administered MVA/MTP.


Integrated Management of Neo-Natal & Childhood Illnesses (IMNCI) Training :
The IMNCI training will be impart as envisaged in IMNCI, and implement a comprehensive newborn and child health package at all facilities (level-1, level-2 and level-3) through health staff. A comprehensive new born and child health package at household level would be initiated through AWWs/ASHA in the districts.

In bringing down the prevalence of diarrhoea and ARI and other childhood diseases in the district will implement the IMNCI training programme in a holistic way.

All the staff members from the Health and the Women and Child Development (WCD) departments will be trained in IMNCI. Since this training provides a good platform for convergence of services between the two departments, the health department proposes to involve the staff members of ICDS at district and block levels in addition to those at village level.

As far as status of IMNCI Training of district is concerned, at present three batches had been completed during last year 2009-10. Batch - 1 of 23 Medical Officers, Batch-2 and 3 of 24 and 25ANMs respectively. During the current year 2010-11, up to 31 March 2011 two more batches will be completed.

It is planned to complete 3 batches of IMNCI training during the year 2012-13.

Navjat Shisu Suraksha Training (NSSK) :
It is planned that Navjat Shisu Suraksha Training (NSSK) of Medical Office and staff Nurses will be imparted during the year 2012-13. Trained staff will be taking care of delivery and new born services. The district societies will be responsible for coordinating the training programs for participants. During the year 2010-11 and 2011-12 district had trained 10 MO, 38 SN and 19 ANMs up to December 2011. Training will be 30 participants in two batches during the year 201213.

PPIUCD Training.
Post Partum Intra Uterine contraceptive device insertion training is very effective safe, long terms, reversible method of contraception in married women. This training was imparted to Medical Officer placed at Doon Female Hospital Dehradun through JPIGO.

The data shows very less numbers of women of Reproductive age group are users of PPIUCD. Despite the fact that the government offers PPIUCD services free of cost. This spacing method is recently introduced in the state at district hospital will be replicated to other health institution through imparting training to all level-3 Gynecologist/ LMO.