Family Planning

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To reduce Total Fertility Rate & population stabilization

Situational Analysis:

Total estimated population of district Dehradun for the year 2012-13 is 17,28,964 children below the age of 12 month will be 30,948 (1.79% of estimated population). Total fertility rate is 2.55 (NFHS III), Crude birth rate 1.79 per thousand, couple protection rate is 61.4 (DLHS-III) and Modern Contraceptive utilization rate was 57.8 (DLHS-III), Married women with two living children wanting no more children is 86.3 %( NFHS III).

Eligible couple those who are using any modern method as per DLHS III are:-
Female Sterlisation-27.4,
Male Sterlisation-0.9,
OCP-6.5% &

Objectives :

  • Reduce Total fertility Rate 2.55% to 2.1%.

  • Increase couples protection by any method from 61.4 % to 65%.

  • Reduce couples unmet needs from 11.3% to 9 %.

  • Increase use of modern methods for family planning.

  • To promote permanent methods of family planning.

  • Increase the male & female sterilization target up to 2% of last year target.

Strategies :

  • District will organize half yearly population stabilization week.

  • The campaign will emphasize on following issues:
    • Males as ‘responsible partners’
    • Promotion of NSV
    • Universal availability of services
    • Counseling and IPC skills will be applied through service providers
    • Display of IEC material at service sites describing the range of available services.

  • Availability of sterilization services at level-2 & level-3 MCH center to provide contraceptive services through RCH camps as per target.

  • Organizing Regular camps for NSV, Laparoscopic, tubectomy and minilap with extensive IEC and proper planning on fixed day approach basis.

  • Skill up gradation of MOs during NSV camps/training.

  • NSV, Leproscopic and Mini lap training for MOs to provide services at periphery level.

  • Provision for conducting NSV at District Hospital regularly.

  • The technical and counseling skills of ANMs in providing IUCD services will be upgraded.

  • Uninterrupted supply of Contraceptives and emergency contraceptive pills in all health institutions.

IUCD Insertion Training

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