District Health Action Plan

The formulation of the DHAP envisages a participatory approach at various levels. To make the plan more practicable and to ensure that grass root issues are voiced and heard. A preparation of Action plan required collection and compilation of data mostly at three stages; at village level, Block level and District level. This stages of process of plan development included data collection and Focal group discussion at village for set priorities of their needs of health services.

These priorities reflect in block health action plan. After compilation of each block level data these data are compiled at district level to address the actual problems of the district. This Action plan formulation process required community participation and need-based service delivery with improved outreach to disadvantaged communities, village and block level and vital information to guide the district health action plan. This process will be applied for the next year 2011-12. For this process adequate budget is required to work on, so budget is proposed on this head to share findings of the village and block level process with a larger stakeholder group, and to finalize a strategic action plan.


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