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ASHA programme is a core programme of NRHM. It was launched in April 2005 to achieve the defined goals of NRHM. ASHA Programme is related to the improvement in the access to health care at the household level through the mobilization efforts of a village health worker called ASHA.

ASHA is responsible for mobilizing and providing information to the community on the need for timely utilization of health and family welfare services, especially to the pregnant women. Empowered with knowledge and a drug-kit to deliver first-contact healthcare, every ASHA is expected be the catalyst for community participation in public health programmes in her village.

Selection and Training ASHA

According to directions of the state, district initiated the selection of ASHAs in 2005 and by the end of second financial year; the selection of the required number of ASHAs was completed. Currently, there are nearly 1418 ASHAs in the district.

Trainings, as suggested by state, till the sixth module (A), have been completed across the district, covering all the selected ASHAs.

List of ASHA in Dehradun district

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